Bali Villas - select villas in Bali Bali Villas - select villas in Bali Bali Villas - select villas in Bali
Bali Villas - select villas in Bali Bali Villas - select villas in Bali
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Telephone / Internet

All telephone numbers listed herein are local numbers. To reach any number in Bali dial from outside Indonesia dial your international access code + 62 + 361+ (local number). Wherein "62" is Indonesia country code and "361" is the most common area code for Bali. Be advised that most Bali telephone numbers are 6 digits and some are still 5 digits. Cellular service in Indonesia is GSM. If you bring your own hand phone you may purchase a prepaid calling chip from any Satelindo distributor (cheaper than using your home country service).

Telecommunication capabilities have improved greatly over the last few years but patience is the keyword when trying to dial overseas from Indonesia - especially during office hours. Most better hotels offer International Direct Dialing (IDD) and Home Country Direct (HCD) services. Overseas calls can also be made at state-run telephone offices known as a wartel (warung telephone).

Need to get online? Little by little internet access is getting easier and better in Bali however only the most modern, recently built hotels will have wireless broadband access available in the room. In any event most five star hotels and expensive boutique hotels will have wireless broadband access in public areas or business centre. For those not staying in smaller hotels or in remote areas there are any number of warnet (warung internet) with quick reliable connections that coast next to nothing and are suitable for voip i.e. skype (however we would bring and use our own headset - hint...)