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Bali Villas - select villas in Bali Bali Villas - select villas in Bali
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Getting Around

If you are coming here for a week or so, you might be tempted to rent a car and go out driving yourself around to explore Bali. Our advice: Don't - especially if you are coming from a country where driving on the right is the norm. When you put together pedestrians, bicycles, tour buses, trucks, livestock and assorted immovable objects in the middle of roads that are not well marked with traffic controls are often ignored and little - if any - enforcement of rules that may exist - you have yourself one of the most creative driving environments imaginable.

First, forget about getting lost - that's the least of your concerns. If you have an accident and there is an injury to a local person you will not be able to leave until the matter is cleared up. Better to hire a car with a driver, enjoy the scenery and arrive at your destination relaxed. It usually costs only about US$ 10.00 more per day to hire a driver with your rental vehicle than without - so you be the judge.

If we have not convinced you and for some reason you still want to drive yourself, you will need to have either an International Driving License (see your local automobile club) or a Tourist Driving License. A Tourist Driving License can be obtained Jl. Cokorde Agung Tresna 14, Renon. You will need to bring a copy of your passport and the driving license from your home country. Cost is Rp. 100.000 and the license is valid for 30 days. The office is open Monday - Saturday 8.00am - 3.00pm. Tel. 243939.

For shorter trips, i.e. back and forth between Kuta and Nusa Dua, metered taxis are available. The Best is Bali Taxi - the BLUE cabs. Clean, reliable, safe and honest. The meters run at approximately Rp.1,500 per kilometer (an unbelievable bargain) If you are out on the street and can't get a blue cab, next best are the green and orange cabs - also clean, reliable, safe and honest but fares are a bit (10%) higher. There are other white cabs but often the meters "don't work". If you choose to stay in such a cab, negotiate the fare First (the key words here are Negotiate and First).

Bali Taxi Telephone is: 701-111
Praja Taxi Telephone is 289-090

As well, the more really adventurous visitor may want to explore Bali by motorcycle. If you do be advised that you will need a motorcycle driver's license - if you don't have one you may get Temporary Permit - valid for 6 months on Bali only - a simple enough procedure but make sure to take 3 passport size photos, your passport, and a valid driver's license to the Police station in Denpasar - and by law you need to wear a helmet. Check the condition of the machine before you pay.

Another interesting way to discover Bali is by Bemo (the small covered carry vans careening about). No better way to mix with the locals - Very cheap but there's no air-conditioning and the bemos can get very, very crowded. Last but not least are Dokars (2 wheeled horse drawn buggies). More a tourist thing in Kuta at night but a staple of transportation for locals in Denpasar during the day.